September News Archive

    September MPCs

After the pause of August the MPCs, the monthly circulars of Minor Planet Center that contain observations and orbits of asteroids and comets from all observatories in the world, are again on the air.
Regarding our site 595, the number of numbered increased of 3, passing from 38 to 41 and the number of "well known" orbits has grown also (3).


    You'll get as good as you gave!

G.V. Williams identified our last discovered asteroid 2000 QS117 (K00QB7S), with 1995 UO47, and left to us the principal designation.
Five years ago observations were made at site 327 Peking, the same observatory who stoled us the discovery of 2000 QE6 (03/09/2000)

Hunting  NEOs

    Thus we don't need to follow our last discovered minor plenets (LINEAR does the job pretty well) we spend our observing time following NEOs. Our results are regularly published on MPEC circulars: last sheets are 2000-R38, 2000-R39, 2000-R40.



    All six !

Our last six discoveries have been observerved from some others on nights following the discovery. Preliminary orbit confirms all are main belt objects and, more important, all remained our principal designation.


    Last discoveries

Advancing LINEAR steps during last week we discovered six new minors. From first observations they all seem main belt objects. Another one (seventh) that was 2000 QE6 has benn identified from G.V. Williams with 1998 BY8, found from 327 Peking Xinglong Station in 1998, January.

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