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    October MPCs

    Minor Planet Center pubblished October MPCs. Even if during this month we don't have a score with new discoveries ther are some good news for us. Asteroide 1998 DW1, first seen in February 1998, has been numbered as (17749). Are now 42 numbered the asteroids discovered from CCAF: our rank in the world scoreboard of discoveres is 68th.
    Other 8 minor plates have now more than one opposition and will be probably numbered in the next years. (results)


    Some asteroid come, some go
    Almost every day the Minor Planet Center issues a circular containing the elements of the updated orbits ("Daily orbit update"). Looking at this circular it's possible to know if someone of our objects has been observed from someone other. So we know now that 1996 QV has the meausures of 2000 SJ107 and that 1998 CQ1 of 2000 SU270. The first, as you can see in our discovery table, was a 31 arc object from 1996 while the second a 39 arc object of 1998. A different luck from that of 1996 QW, a 2 nights object becamed 2000 SG40 with just the remained satisfaction not to waste observations.

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